Death Feast Open Air 2008 – 12.06-14.06.08 Schwarze Heide Hünxe

And finally I succeeded, here is the first of the promised updates for
It seems as if my way to get the pictures and the text up here is way to complicated, but whatever.

I decided to put the pics of the DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR 2008 up first, they aren’t way to old right now and I just finished to write my report on it.

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The DEATH FEAST is, as its name suggests, an absolute party for fans of Death Metal and Grind, especially the brutal stuff. CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, BEHEADED, IMPALED, DECREPIT BIRTH, VADDER ABRAHAM AND THE SMURFS (just kidding), as much noise as you can possibly gather in one place.

It was my second festival this year as photographer after the Ragnarök Festival end of March. The number of photogs was quite small and belive it or not, I was the best equipped guy in the pit.

The stage and the pit were absolutely okay. The stage was about the height of my chest, I could lean forward perfectly, supporting my arms in holding the camera and still having enough place for my wide angle shots. If you went some steps back to the start of the barrier, there would just be enough distance between you and the musicians to use the 70-200 for portraits. In the front, I used my well tested 17-50mm lens of course, which worked as usual.

Because it is an outdoor festival, most of the day you can rely on sunlight. This has advantages and disadvantages, of course. One definite adavantage: mass of light. ISO200, 1/500s at f4? No problem, just nail the exposure and go for it. ISO400 to ISO800 would still be no problem, if you need the fast shutter speeds just dial them in. You won’t notice to much of noice because of the lack of darker areas in the broad sunlight. Disadvantages: When the clouds disappear, you will have really hard direct light in the afternoons, say hello to the hard shadows and contrasts. And, to be honest, daylight is not the same as well chosen stage lighting.

Because of that, I put the ISO up to 800 when we reached the afternoon hours. Then they began to use some of the colorful spots in the rear and released a bit of smoke in the background, and I definitely wanted to have them in the picture. Unfortunately, the stage lighting was not as good as I had hoped. Mostly light from behind and only traces of light coming from the front. You had to catch the moments when they used really clean, white light from behind, that was reflected onto the musicans by the stage. The rest of the time meant playing with colors and shadows, trying to squeeze a few useful frames.

Regarding my equipment I was as satisfied as always. D70s and SB-25 stayed in the car as Backup, fortunately I didn’t need them. D300 as main cam, switching back and forth between the 17-50mm and the 70-200mm, the SB-600 was with me but didn’t see any use. The Stealth Reporter D650AW got heavy from time to time, maybe because I always had a liter of beer in it. The only other piece of equipment that would be wort mentioned is the laptop I used to empty my cards, I always carry it with me when I hit bigger festivals. Nevertheless I should fetch some additional 4 or even 8 gig cards when I hit the giant 90+ bands festivals this summer.

Well, that’s it for today. You should already be able to see ten of my pics, the big gallerys will follow asap.

Edit: And here they are, have fun watching.

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