Demians, Anathema – 14.10.08 LKA Stuttgart

And again, a little concert which already took place a few months ago. This time Demians from France and the well known Anathema from Great Britain took the stage

The set of this evening was everything else than easy to photograph. No pit, although the crowd remained very peaceful, tons of red was lighting directly into my direction in addition to the disturbing fog. And, for sure, there was nearly no front lighting. In the end I’m not too happy with the results, too many of the final pictures had to recieve  a moderate amount of post processing, especially tweaking of the contrast, to get an interesting look.

As always I used my D300 with the 17-50mm on top most of the time. With friendly talks and the search for the gap I could get some nice angels at the protagonists. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the advantage to shoot the whole set,  I got my signal to start to enjoy the wonderful show when a smiling Daniel Cavanagh threw a litte water bottle after me

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