Deef, Celestial Ashes, Abyzz – 24.01.09 Epplehaus Tübingen

And again fresh material this time. Deef, my “homies” Celestial Ashes and Abyzz with star guest Michelle from Hell, who jumped in for the originally booked Recapture, unleashed a shattering earthquake onto the Epplehaus, with me in front of the stage. More pics and infos after the jump

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And there was indeed a lot to see and to hear. While the concert was ecxcellent most of the time in musical terms, I also found quite pleasing working conditions. Although I needed some time to find my rhythm to get the pictures I wanted to have, I found lots of interesting motives. A big advantage of the Epplehaus is the not existing distance between the first row and the musicians. It is possible to get the camera 30cm away from the singer, together with a wide angle lense this produces very three dimensional images, one of my preferred photographic styles.

You won’t come far without a flash in the Epplehaus, but it is quite easy to use one because of the surroundings. Although the walls and the ceiling are painted in dark tones or black, you won’t need to much flash power since they are not too far away. In addition, the light set of the Epple seems improved, compared to my last visit, but I also might be wrong with this feeling. The thing I changed most this time was the angle of the flash. Its always possible to aim it at the ceiling, but especially if you try to capture some of the availabe lights (with exposures between 1/20 for the darker lit musicians and 1/100 for the guys in the front), you should also think about where you want to have your flash light coming from. If you get coloured rim lighting on one side of the musicians head, its very common to let your flash light come from the other side, if possible. This form of crosslighting produces a very three dimensional look. And don’t look for walls only. Why not use the musician next to our main target or a concert guest with a white shirt (although this is quite difficult to find within the metal gerne) as reflection area. Just think creative .. and make sure you don’t blind anyone ;)

Equipment as always: D300, 17-50 and 70-200 (from the second row, for some tight headshots or background control, which is always difficult in little, packed venues) with one SB600 on camera.

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  1. Chris 6 August 2009 9:20 PM

    Gotta love dive bars – definitely glad you had a flash, though. Can’t use them at the venues I shoot at (I try to avoid dives at all possible), but they are certainly a godsend when you cann use them and need them.

    That first shot is pretty dope. Gotta love wide angles.

  2. Andreas 7 August 2009 10:18 AM

    Thanks Chris ;) I’ve shot in this location for some time now. Although I already thought about leaving the flash off for some songs to see what I can get out of it without additional lighting, flash is the only real alternative to bring in some fill.

    But it is a nice location to use the wide angle and flash combination. Dragging the shutter to bring in some ambient and voilà, you got your nice pictures ;)

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