Zabbaduschder Festival 2008 – Urbach

I got 2 months of free time now, enough time to digg up some old stuff that should have been released weeks, no, months ago. Whatever, I’m going to start with the Zabbaduschder Open Air and will be continuing with more Pics from Summer Breeze, Party.San and a few concerts (and there are some new pics in sight with Kreator in march).

What should I tell you about the Zabbaduschder Festival: located in Urbach, next to a water cleaning are or something like that, fortunately not smelling, on a small grass area, very relaxed festival with only a few hundred people, I’m having a wonderful time there with a lot of beer and meat every year. Mostly smalle bands and a few headliners, smaller stage with a mid level lighting set.

Same procedure as every year, Mrs. Sophie. Because of the small stage I could use my preferred style of wide angle shooting, there was no 3 song limit, you could enter the reasonable sized pit whenever you wanted to (which allowed me to make my own schedule and spend a comfortable amount at the camping site, enjoying .. beer, you know the deal). For sure, the lights aren’t to great, ISO2000 with f2.8 lenses and normal exposure times as well as fighting against some red or blue color washes include, but all in all it wasn’t too bad for a festival of this size.

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